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Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity to use your skills in a successful and growing company?

Blåkläder develops, produces and sells workwear, gloves and shoes for professionals with high demands on functionality, quality, and design. Blåkläder's products are sold on an international market via dealers or via direct agreements with large companies. 

During the last 10 years, Blåkläder, as a whole, has tripled the business. We currently produce, in our own factories, approximately 90% of everything we sell, allowing for extremely high quality control and ensuring our sustainability efforts. We currently operate in 15 countries with a total of 350 employees, not including the factories. Blåkläder is on a strong growth path, which is why we are currently searching for someone to join our team.
Blåkläder is an entrepreneurial family owned company, where you can go as far in your career as you want, with the right desire, competence and drive.



Seeking an experienced and results-driven in store salesperson to join our energetic team. The individual in this role would provide appropriate product knowledge for walk in customers and nurture them through our purchase flow from start to finish. Outside sales responsibilities will be a small part of your daily routine. Full time position.


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